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Having known as one of the finest koi fish artist in Malaysia, Tommy Chen has been focusing in painting koi fish for more than 26 years. Over the past two decades, he has successfully developed a signature style of his own creation in the koi fish painting.

How did the branding of the koi fish come about?
“Koi fishes swim smoothly in the water. They share a lot of similar characters with us human, where we live life according to some sort of order. When I began put my emotion and feeling into my paintings, I am spiritually at peace.” says artist Tommy Chen.

The very first impression of these Japanese koi fishes to me as an artist are that they are strong determined in character, full of freedom and very joyful as they swim in the water. These unique elements had actually drawn my inner emotion and thought about the Japanese koi through my creative works of art! The total freedom reflects in these Japanese koi had also embarked me to another level of soul searching that brings me a complete sense of joy and peace.